Izakaya Miwa has excellent freshness of sashimi! Seri market is next to seafood abundant!「海鮮居酒屋みわちゃん」 (Fukuoka / restaurant)

This time I would like to introduce the seafood izakaya Miwa-chan, which is installed next to the market.The sashimi is always super fresh because you buy and cook the fish caught early in the morning! And all the dishes are too delicious! It’s cheap and large, so it’s a seafood izakaya for those who want to eat a lot! * The above photo is for two servings of sashimi taken with Miwa-chan. Fukuoka has many delicious restaurants! I would like to introduce the recommended spots such as impressions and atmosphere of the dishes I actually went to eat!

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Fresh sashimi looks delicious〜♪


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Fresh seafood izakaya Miwa-chan with fresh sashimi 「海鮮居酒屋みわちゃん」
・ "Seafood Izakaya Miwa-chan" Photo Gallery ・ What kind of store? ・ What is your budget? ・ Where is the place? ・ A hidden spot for dating! (With video)

Fresh seafood izakaya Miwa-chan with fresh sashimi「海鮮居酒屋みわちゃん」

「海鮮居酒屋みわちゃん」Photo Gallery

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What do you think! You can definitely enjoy fresh sashimi and liquor and be filled with happiness! It is quite recommended because it is a pub with a lot of other items. It is a picture I took when I went to a meal, but I have been quite repeating.

There are not only sashimi but also various things〜^^


What kind of store?

Seafood izakaya Miwa-chan has a seri market next to the shop and the sea is in front of you. Fishing boats are also anchored nearby as there is a dockside. It is like a izakaya where you can cook fresh seafood every day because the market is near.

The staff is always cheerful and has a very lively impression, so the customer service is a pleasant shop. There are various types of customers, including men and women, friends and couples, elderly people, and one person.

The shop is set up in a place like a hut and the inside of the shop is not very large, but it is always full and I feel that it is a very popular restaurant. We recommend that those who go to the shop make a reservation in advance.

So you can always eat fresh seafood!


It seems like the store is always packed!


What is your budget?

The budget is around 2,000 to 4,000 yen per person, and you can enjoy fresh seafood. I often order “sashimi prime”, but the amount is large even from 1000 yen per person, so I am surprised at the cost performance! There is a reason that the market is so close that it can be cheap.

If you order two servings of sashimi, you will be asked, “Are there many servings, but is it OK?” I want to eat a lot of sashimi when I go to know people, so I’m asking for two people! Draft beer is always cold and very delicious ♪

I can order various kinds of other dishes for about 500 yen to 800 yen, and I want to complete the menu someday. The volume is basically large and I personally recommend fried chicken. I am always satisfied because I can divide it for 2-3 people alone! Seafood izakaya Miwa-chan is a good, delicious and satisfying shop.

You can eat plenty of sashimi even by yourself!


Where is the place?

Address: 3-24-19 Meinohama, Nishi-ku, Fukuoka, Fukuoka Prefecture, 819-0002 Japan
Contact: 092-892-6880
See from GoogleMAP

It’s nice to go to Fukuoka Tower!


I’m sure you’ll be happy on a pub date!


A hidden spot for dating!

There is a hidden spot close to Miwa-chan, a seafood izakaya, overlooking Marinoa City Fukuoka. The night view is very beautiful because the ferris wheel with illuminations can be seen from under the bridge.

I watched it with a smartphone, so please watch it a little.
It is a recommended place for couples in a quiet place ♪

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It was the first of the recommended restaurants! We will continue to introduce delicious shops and shops that can be used for date spots.

The night view is so beautiful〜