Beyond beef! Introduction of high-end pork steak specialty store “Katsu-chan”「かっちゃん」 (Fukuoka / Yakini)


This time, I will introduce the most delicious “pork steak specialty store Kakchan” located near Meinohama Station in Nishi-ku, Fukuoka City. You can eat fresh and thick pork even in rare conditions! Delicious as the cheek drops! There are many beef steak shops, but there are only a few specialty pork steak shops so it is valuable! I think there are people who do not know even Fukuoka citizens. It is quite recommended in a secret shop!

Hello! It’s Aru-kunヾ ^_^♪
We introduce delicious foods in Fukuoka city center. Please use it for travel. The language uses Google’s translation function, so some sentences may not be transmitted. Excuse me!

Pork steak beyond cow〜!!want to eat♪


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Beyond beef! Pork steak specialty store kachan 豚ステーキ専門店かっちゃん
・ 「豚ステーキ専門店かっちゃん」Photo gallery ・ Video of grilling pork steak with meat ・ What kind of store? ・ Pork steak Kakchan's menu ・ What is your budget? ・ Where is the place? ・ Conclusion

Pork steak specialty store kachan

「豚ステーキ専門店かっちゃん」のPhoto Gallery

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How about that! Want to eat? (‘` ``) Thick pork comes out in a lightly baked state. Since it’s close to raw, bake the meat with grilled stones to your liking. People who like rare, those who want to bake meat firmly, it is good because you can adjust the baking condition as you like! It is fresh and high quality pork so it is personally recommended to eat it as a raw rare ♪

Everyone who wants to eat plenty! “Pork steak Kakchan” is free of charge instead of rice and miso soup!

You’ll want to eat〜♪


It ’s so fresh that you can eat it raw〜^^


Video of grilling pork steak with meat

What kind of store?

Pork steak Kakchan can be seated with six counters and four table seats. At the back of the counter, your husband and helper cook pork steak. First-time customers are very kind and can teach you how to eat.

I go to eat a pork steak set, but since it is a shop where you can drink alcohol, it is an atmosphere where you can enjoy a set meal at lunch and drinks at night. There may be many at noon.

Pork steak Kakchan’s menu

The pork steak set first comes with vegetables with avocado as an appetizer. After about 10 minutes, the meat comes out, so you won’t have to wait for your seat. After that, you can enjoy grilling the meat to your liking with the stone.

There are two types of sauces, one is grilled meat sauce and the other is soy sauce based sauce. If it is rare, you can eat it like sashimi. There are other seasonings such as yuzu pepper, wasabi, and chili, so when you eat it with sauce, it is very delicious! I like to eat meat by adding yuzu pepper to grilled meat sauce ♪

What is your budget?

In the past, the pork steak set was 1080 yen, but it may also have an effect such as a consumption tax increase. Recently the price has increased a little. For lunch, you can eat for 1300 yen including tax (pork steak + salad + rice + miso soup). There are all-you-can-drink, course dishes and single dishes, but I think many visitors will eat the main pork steak set. It is luxurious to be able to eat fairly high quality sterile pork at this price!

Because the consumption tax has gone up!


They use high quality Saga pork〜♪

予約できるお店を探す!(食べログ) 予約できるお店を探す!(ぐるなび)

Where is the place?

Address: 4-11-21 Meinohama, Nishi-ku, Fukuoka, Fukuoka Prefecture, 819-0002, Japan
Contact: 092-882-5507

business hours:
From 11:00 to 14:30 
From 17:00 to 21:00
Wednesday regular holiday

See from GoogleMAP

It is on the second floor up the stairs of the building.


It seems like this is the 5th anniversary of this year’s hideaway restaurant, “Kagashi Pork Steak Store”. At first, I was a shop that was taught by my workplace.

A really delicious shop is something that is transmitted naturally from person to person! There are still many local and attractive restaurants in Fukuoka! I’d like to tell you on Arukun’s blog.

Please go to eat pork worth eating d (^^ *)