I’ve been eating Sushiro VS, the top 10 best sushi recipes by top sushi chefs!

On October 26, 2019, there was a program called “Sushiro x super-class sushi chef” that was broadcast on the TBS program Jobtune. 300 employees at Sushiro, the best conveyor belt sushi chain in Japan, are sure to pass! Seven top-ranking sushi chefs will examine each of the top 10 best sushi recipes and evaluate whether they will pass or fail. I went to Sushiro for the “Top 10 Top Stories” introduced there, and I also ate it, so I will tell you my impressions.

Hello! It’s Aru-kund(^^*)
What do you like about food? I love sashimi and meat. Of course, I also like sushi, so I sometimes go to “Sushiro” or “Hama sushi”. A sushi restaurant that does not turn around is expensive, so you can not open the shop door easily! This time, please refer to the 10 selections that Sushiro praise!

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Sushiro VS Top 10 Best Sushi Masters
・ Introducing shops of leading sushi chefs ・ Introducing 10th to 1st ranking ・ Conclusion

Sushiro VS Top 10 best sushi recipes by top sushi chefs

It is a rule that seven superb sushi chefs examine the material selected by 300 Sushiro employees and decide whether to pass or reject. Two years ago, I passed “Fail” and the following year I passed by revenge. In 2019, we improved the tuna and challenged the game. If four or more people do not raise the “Pass” tag, it will be “Failed”. Please refer to the results as well. We introduce in ranking form d (^^ *)

Introducing shops of leading sushi chefs

10th Pickled sesame red snapper 漬けごま真鯛  


2 pieces 150 yen (excluding tax) 107 calories

From the sushi chefs, the more you chew the fragrance, the more sweet you get.

7 passed 0 failed

Feeling fluffy and coming out when the taste of fish bites! it was delicious


I can eat it deliciously because the taste of the fish comes out!


9th place for scallop ほたて貝柱


2 pieces 150 yen (excluding tax) 76 calories

Some sushi chefs have said that it would be boring to try “scallops” because they can be eaten good or bad. Others commented that there was no sweetness and the flavor was lost because the shellfish was frozen once. I failed.

2 passed 5 failed

I was thick and sweet so it was delicious!


I failed on TV, but it wasn’t bad


8th Hokkaido New Items 北海道産新物いくら包み


1 pieces ¥ 150 (excluding tax) 52 calories

The sushi chef said that the balance of the shari and the seaweed was very good, and that placing it on the seaweed gave it a crispy taste when eating, which was a good result.

6 passed 1 failed

The compatibility with nori was good〜

I feel that there is not much texture because there are many torn pieces


7th Broiled salmon homemade tartar  炙りサーモン自家製タルタル


2pieces 150 yen (excluding tax) 137 calories

From the sushi chef, it was delicious! I thought the tartar was thick, but the balance was good. It was highly evaluated that the crisp fries on the top were accented with the curry flavor.

6 passed 1 failed

Curry powder spices combined with tartar are very delicious!

Curry powder goes well with sushi! The onion chips are on top so the texture was added and it was delicious!


6th Shio-Iwashi 塩〆いわし


2pieces 100 yen (excluding tax) 101 calories

From a sushi chef, it is very easy to eat because it has no smell and no small bones. All seven sushi chefs passed when they were very fatty and delicious.

7 passed 0failed

It was sour, fresh and shallow!

The sardine was so delicious〜♪


5th Red shrimp(temporary) 赤えび 第5位(仮)

1pieces ¥ 100 (excluding tax) 40 calories

The fifth place was “Potato shrimp”. But when I went for a limited time product, it wasn’t there already. We ate “red shrimp” instead! Sorry o (╥﹏╥) o

4 passed 3 failed (results of shrimp shrimp)

The texture was good and the shrimp sweetness was felt!

I wanted to eat the shrimp〜


4th Corn コーン

2pieces 100 yen (excluding tax) 128 calories

From the sushi chef, corn was better boiled and the compatibility of mayonnaise and seaweed while eating was highly evaluated. Some advised that mixing a little coarse corn would make it more delicious. VTRs are popular among children and adults.

5 passed 2 failed

The corn was crunchy and delicious!

It seems to be very popular with people with children〜


3th Tuna びんとろ

2pieces 150 yen (excluding tax) 90 calories

From a sushi chef, it’s delicious enough to eat for 150 yen! It was greatly acclaimed. It seems that sushiro is carefully selecting the area where the fat is applied and feeding it to the story.

6 passed 1 failed

It was so soft and easy to eat like Negitro!

I felt like I could relax and taste better〜


2th One soft-boiled conger eel ふわとろ煮穴子一本にぎり

1pieces  ¥ 300 (excluding tax) 97 calories

The sushi chef was highly praised for the large volume and the deliciousness of the scent and softness of the eel. As the name implies, one conger is used, so it’s surprising that you can’t ride a plate!

5 passed 2 failed

I was satisfied with the size of the price! It costs 300 yen but I was not dissatisfied

I was a little worried about the skin feeling, but it was easy to eat without too much seasoning sauce!


1th 7 kinds of natural Indian tuna 天然インド鮪7貫盛り

7 pieces ¥ 980 (excluding tax) 440 calories (limited to 1 day)

The sushi chef has unanimously passed “Natural Indian tuna 7 kanmori”. It was honestly delicious. You can see that every time you eat, it tastes better and you are working harder than last year. It was highly evaluated!

7 passed 0failed

Negitoro is more stable and tastes better than the warship Negitro! The fluffy and delicious fish taste!

The middle toro tasted light at first, but the taste of the tuna spread in the mouth, and the bitter taste became more pronounced!


Puke enjoyed a soggy and mysterious texture! The taste of the tuna is firm

I thought it would be nice if I could eat such a big toro with a conveyor belt sushi! The fat came out and it was really good〜♪



What did you think? The number of shops that can eat sushi cheaply has increased, but this time there are a lot of “Super sushi craftsmen” who have been signed! Please refer to it when you go to Sushiro in the future.( ´艸`)